Built on the 5 Strengths of Worshiping in Small Settings

  • Specific worship skills
  • Worship planning
  • Sermon preparation
  • Laity included
  • Various formats


Complete, thematic worship series

  • Sermon starters
  • Hand-off ready lay resources
  • Children’s sermons
  • Dramatic arts
  • Altar & visual arts


Events are full and booked through 2016.
Now booking for the summer of 2017.

“Wonderful ideas… worship on a budget!”

Rev. Diana Chapel



Dr. Mike Graves, William K. McElvaney
Professor of Preaching & Worship, Saint Paul School of Theology


“Thanks be to God there have always been experts in the worship life of the Church with creative ideas to share with the rest of us. But every once in a while a person comes along with more than creative ideas, who helps the Church to…” read more

Rev. Micki McCorkle
Small Membership Church Ministries Coordinator, Great Plains Conference, UMC


“Teresa Stewart weaves a solid theological foundation into every worship experience she creates. Her teaching skills are a great asset to all in small churches. Not only does she know her subject matter well, she transmits it…” read more

Rev. Ashlee Alley
Clergy Recruitment and Development Coordinator, Great Plains Conference, UMC


“Teresa Stewart’s worship series on Call not only provides a pastor and worship team with excellent resources, but also invites both preacher and congregation into deeper discipleship. She presents a solid theological…” read more



For the past fifteen years, I’ve created original worship resources for small congregations. It started with the congregations that I was appointed to serve, then expanded to those of colleagues and various ministries wanting creative worship experiences. It grew from there, and I left local ministry on a quest to figure out how to better resource small setting worship.

Along the way, I spent seven years teaching Worship & Sacrament for the Course of Study at Saint Paul School of Theology, developed worship practicums for student pastors, and curated worship for the seminary at Saint Paul School of Theology. I shamelessly learned from and continued experimenting with the student pastors. Their feedback over time has been powerful in confirming what might seem to be an obvious truth: small is different from big.