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Small congregations are my passion.

Small congregations are not big places in miniature. They work differently. With different challenges and with distinctive strengths not generally available in big settings.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked to unleash these small-setting strengths. By reclaiming rich varieties of lay leadership. And by recognizing that ministry today requires more than replicating big-setting successes.

It’s time for small congregations to become local laboratories, indigenous innovators, and good news diagnosticians for the mission of the whole Church—again.

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The Small Church Advantage

Seven powerful worship practices that work best in small settings

The vast majority of congregations in the U.S. are small--with fewer than 100 weekly worshipers. This book introduces a powerful, unexpected set of tools: seven small-setting strengths in offering worship.

It’s designed to start a new conversation and guide a plan among pastors and laity.

7 worship strengths of small congregations
7 short lessons for the whole Church
3 unexpected conversations for small congregations to lead

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Reviews of The Small Church Advantage

Tex Sample

Robert B. and Kathleen Rogers Professor Emeritus of Church and Society, Saint Paul School of Theology

F. Douglas Powe, Jr.

Director of Lewis Center for Church Leadership
Wesley Theological Seminary

Susan Marie Smith

Episcopal Priest, Retired Professor of Worship,
Scholar of Lay Ministry

E Byron (Ron) Anderson

Styberg Professor of Worship
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Mike Graves

William K. McElvaney Professor Emeritus of Preaching and Worship, Saint Paul School of Theology

Allen Stanton

Author of Reclaiming Rural: Building Thriving Rural Congregations

Rebecca Stredney

Pastor, Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church

Image is a free online resource designed specifically for small congregations—both clergy and laity. It offers inspiration, stories from other congregations, practical ideas, theological insights, and periodic seasonal resources.


Worship Series


Lavish worship in small settings does not require pricey resources, high production, and expert performances. Instead, it calls for a different kind of deeply-forming participation. Led by laity and curated with the local gifts of each community.

These thematic series were written and designed specifically for small congregations. Each includes 4-6 weeks of complete, coordinated, hand-off-ready resources for lay leadership.

Currently offered in workshop settings. Coming soon to Amazon Books.

Reviews of Worship Series & Workshops

Worshiping, Led by a Child

A Distinctive Approach to Children in Worship


Good news: Children are neither worship watchers nor distractions. They are nothing less than precious worship collaborators and leaders.

In Worshiping, Led by a Child, Teresa teaches twelve adaptable models for worshiping with children—and letting them lead the work of the people.

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Currently offered in workshop and webinar settings.

For more information, contact Teresa at
She delights in offering these resources for conferences, workshops, and webinars.
Note that all teaching and speaking engagements should include laity; they are essential participants.

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