7 Characteristics of Communion-Loving Small Congregations

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1. Communion is offered every week, not just monthly or periodically.

2. Communion is offered in a variety of settings: meetings, retreats, work days.

3. The communion liturgy is not an add-on to usual worship. 

It’s integrated into the service and serves as the climax.

4. The reading goes away.

Some pastors memorize the liturgy. (Yes, you can do it! It’s easier than you think.) Some craft Eucharistic prayers alongside their sermons. Some sing the liturgy using one of many simple resources. Explore YouTube for options.

5. The elements and practices are lavish.

Best bread—with crumbs worth eating. No pellets. A table set for special guests, not a TV dinner.

6. The walls separating the fellowship hall and the sanctuary have been knocked down.

Okay, maybe not literally. Just know that these places belong together for communion. For the earliest Christians, the Lord’s Supper was not a separate worship ritual. The earliest Christians gathered to eat actual meals together. The entire messy event was communion. So bring your sanctuary to the fellowship hall. Or bring your fellowship hall to the sanctuary. Communion-loving congregations encourage the potlucks and after-worship gatherings that continue the communion. Bring the elements from the sanctuary and set them among the casseroles. Singing, praying, visiting and eating belong together.

7. The celebration is more like a dinner party than a funeral.

Remember, the resurrection wins completely! The Early Church didn’t gather to mourn. The people gathered in great joy![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]